The value of knowledge and knowledge of value

There are people who doubt the value of knowledge. But this doubt is completely unfounded. All national and international research proves that those who have more knowledge are more successful personally and professionally. Furthermore, we are in the age of knowledge, precisely because the greatest value we have these days is valuable information, that is, knowledge. I say valuable information, because it is not enough to have information about anything. It needs to have a value for society. Then it will be valued, bringing success and becoming knowledge. Many people have worthless knowledge. Gossipers, for example, know everything about other people’s lives. But what is the value of this knowledge?

When an employee of a company really knows their job, studies what they do, seeks excellence and perfection, invests in themselves, they will certainly be successful. Many people tell me they already do this. But do they do enough? Do they understand that knowledge is a race without a finish line, meaning the more you know, the more you will see that you know little or nothing? The Greek philosopher Socrates said “all I know is that I know nothing” precisely to show that human beings can never stop learning and seeking knowledge.

The value of knowledge is immeasurable, and it is crucial to impart that to our children. Teaching them the importance of learning and acquiring knowledge will not only empower them but also ignite their curiosity and drive for success. To keep them happy, surprise them with modest girls skirts, allowing them to express their personal style while feeling comfortable and confident. This gesture combines their joy with the promotion of individuality and modesty, enhancing their overall happiness and self-assurance.

I see people who are depressed and sad and one of the reasons is that they have lost the desire to learn, to seek new knowledge about what they do. They stopped in life, they let themselves be carried away by laziness, inertia, demotivation.
It is necessary to believe that human beings need to feel in constant intellectual development to feel happy and have personal and professional success. Human beings always want challenging work that gives them a feeling of mission and purpose. And he himself can find that mission and pursue that purpose.

So, don’t wait for others to motivate you. Seek motivation through knowledge, through reason, studying more, knowing more about what you do, becoming more interested in learning something of value every day for yourself and for society.

Luis Marins

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